The Squirrel Society

The Your Mom, Born to Lose Chapter of the Squirrel Society

University of Missouri, Rolla And Points Elsewhere

McAnerney Shrine of the Immortal Unorthodox Penecostal Church of Ratatosk

LDD Local #2317

Squirrel Society
A non-profit non-official organization promoting free-thinking weirdness
1. A small furry mammal that lives in trees, obtains nourishment off of nuts, and phosphoresces upon application of sheer terror.
2. A member of the Squirrel Society
3. The distinctive cry of a member of the Squirrel Society.
Your Mom!
The most massive and easiest substance know to man. Browsers fails upon image loading

Formed here at UMR out of thee parts boredom, two parts humor, and five parts of an unidentified glowing substance that fell to earth presumably from outer space. A longer and amazingly truer account of the formation of the Squirrel Society can also be found here.

The Squirrel Society Constitution

Life among the Squirrels

Our Favorite Squirrel

Squirrel Songs

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