The Constitution
of the
Squirrel Society


Let it be known that this society shall be named the Squirrel Society

Article I

The purpose of the Squirrel Society is to:

  1. Increase in numbers,
  2. Confuse other as to what Squirrel means,
  3. Attempt to cause squirrels to phosphorize by scaring such beings,
  4. Proclaim "Squirrel" erratically and sporadically,
  5. Take the Squirrel Society Constitution lightly.

Article II

All members of the Squirrel Society shall be known as Squirrels.

Article III

Members of the Squirrel Society shall exclaim "squirrel !" at the sight, sound or thought of a squirrel, or at the proclamation by another of "squirrel !", at anytime, even at inopportune moments. The volume at which "squirrel !" is announced may vary.

Article IV

In order to become a Squirrel, one must proclaim, "I want to be a Squirrel," and/or possess or own a Squirrel T-Shirt.

Article V

The Squirrel Society shall not have any officials, unless need requires, then by choice or chance the proper official(s) will be placed in office.

Article VI

The Squirrel Society Constitution may be amended at the will and time of the elder squirrels.

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